Machine Factory


The remix that jump started ILoveMakonnen’s career finally get the visual treatment. Full of colorful club shots (obviously) , ILoveMakonnen’s manikin face being worn by various woman, topped of with some aerial shots of global cities, you get a pretty scattered yet entertaining video. Check it up top!

Coleman Hell - Fortress

Toronto based sideways crew continue their streak of impressive releases with Coleman Hell's “Fortress”, a sexy pop anthem once again showcasing Coleman Hell's knack for writing undoubtedly infectious melodies. As if that wasn't enough - sideways member Dustbuster delivers an equally sexy and stylish animated video for the track, making it almost damn near impossible to NOT hit the repeat button all night. 

Marika Hackman - Drown

Following a trio of EPs over the past year or so, Marika Hackman has finally revealed details (two, to be exact) about her forthcoming (and highly anticipated) debut album. It’s called We Slept At Last, of which, the lead single, is ‘Drown’. At just under four minutes long, the track’s sombre atmosphere is given enlightened by Marika’s gorgeous vocals. This really is worth a listen!


Dutch songstress Sevdaliza has already caused quite a stir with her Jai Paul-esque ‘Clear Air’ earlier this year. A strong debut which she followed up with ‘Sirens of Caspian’. This time, with ‘Backseat Love' (produced by Nobody Beats the Drum) Sevdaliza courts you with her playful lyrics as the reverbed synths carry the track's upbeat aesthetic. 

Falling Apart featuring Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson

Last month, producer Emile Haynie released ‘A Kiss Goodbye' his debut single featuring vocals from Sampha, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Dev Hynes. Today, he returns with ‘Falling Apart’, another stellar track which features Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson. As the song progresses, the two vocals of Wyatt and Wilson beautifully accompany each other as Haynie serves up a bunch of great drums and guitar lines in the backdrop. Listen up! 

Peak the dark and moody music video to Adult Jazz’s debut single ‘Am Gone’, which they shared all the way back in January. Having already dropped one of my favourite records in Gist Is this past August, the Leeds quartet have shared this striking visual accompaniment (directed by Samuel Travis) which, like their music, touches on a number of interesting idea. See what you make of it above!

Got It

Consider yourself introduced to Marian Hill, a duo from Philadelphia whose latest single ‘Got It' simply doesn't disappoint. As intoned in the chorus, “I got it”, vocalist Samantha Gongol surely does have it all. If you’re not enthralled by the woozy electronics in the production, you surely will be mesmerised by the clarity and power she delivers than absolutely perfect falsetto. Hit that play button…